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On-demand Full-stack—Network, Storage, Compute

Portworx® with Super-powered Security

Build, automate, protect, and secure your cloud native apps. Run anywhere with the world's most trusted Kubernetes platform.


Uncomplicate Development Efforts with Storage Integrations That Speed Up Access to Data

Developer productivity is better than ever before with over 30 code repositories and the speed of all-flash, self-service tools and concurrent builds.


Unleash User Productivity and Eliminate Virtual Desktop Headaches

Slow file and data access kills productivity. Speed up with all-flash storage and 99.9999% uptime at any scale.


Overcome Your Virtualized Infrastructure Challenges

Discover all-flash speed and performance, the simplest storage resource management, and the deepest integrations with the VMware ecosystem—all while improving security and scalability.

Bare Metal as-a-Service, Powered by Pure

Infrastructure at the Speed of Software, Consumed as a Service

Get simple, on-demand full-stack—network, storage, compute—deployment and support from a single vendor, under one contract with Pure Storage.

Radical Simplicity and Performance

Our solutions are fast and efficient, but most importantly, they’re the easiest to use.

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“We selected Pure Storage for VDI especially for its deduplication technology and non-disruptive operation that were ahead of competitors.”

Toshio Takeuchi
Head of Service Promotion Office, Softbank
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“We don't mind taking risks to aggressively push our agenda forward, and Portworx has kept pace with us and embraced it. Portworx has been instrumental in our success.”

Paul Davis
Principal Engineer, Software Development & Engineering, Comcast

What are the operational advantages to using container storage?

Containers offer several operational advantages when it comes to storage. By encapsulating all the code and dependencies required for an app to run, containers eliminate the need to virtualize an entire operating system and server, reducing the resource requirements compared to traditional virtual machines (VMs). This means container storage is much less taxing on physical servers, allowing for greater efficiency and resource utilization.


By leveraging container storage, you can optimize your infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and achieve faster application deployment. The lightweight, portable, and scalable nature of containers makes them a powerful solution for modern data storage needs.

People also ask:

1. What are the benefits and challenges of using a virtual server?

Virtual servers offer significant benefits and challenges that you should consider.

Advantages of virtualization include cost savings through server partitioning, a reduced data center footprint, and streamlined resource management for efficient deployment of virtual desktops and other resources.

However, expanding virtualization can bring hardware design complexities, leading to increased costs if not properly addressed. Performance bottlenecks in servers, networking, storage, or backup systems can also hinder overall performance and require efficient diagnosis for resolution. Ensuring scalability and cost-effectiveness in virtualized environments, particularly regarding storage requirements and performance maintenance, can be a challenge.

Pure Storage offers solutions with native NVMe performance for faster data access, and easy to scale storage.

2. Is VDI the best solution for companies that offer remote work?

VDI is an excellent solution for remote work, offering a range of benefits for both IT administrators and end-users. It streamlines the deployment, management, and maintenance of employee devices, providing flexibility and control over the virtual desktop environment.

Employees can securely access their virtual desktops remotely from personal devices, ensuring productivity and enabling remote-friendly work scenarios.

Successful VDI deployment requires addressing common challenges, particularly in terms of storage performance. Slow or erratic virtual desktops can hinder productivity and increase administration costs.

FlashStack® has prevalidated architecture with fast, resilient, and scalable all-flash performance, offering a reliable foundation for VDI deployments.

3. Why would a business choose VMware to virtualize their data center?

Businesses choose VMware to virtualize their data centers with its leadership in virtualization and cloud computing. VMware offers products and services tailored for efficient data center virtualization.

It enables cost savings by partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual machines, optimizing hardware utilization. VMware also enhances IT agility and flexibility by allowing workload distribution across the infrastructure as needed.

The streamlined deployment, management, and maintenance of virtual machines are simplified through VMware's tools and solutions. Additionally, VMware provides granular virtualization of storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) arrays using virtual volumes (vVols), enhancing storage efficiency.

Integrating with Pure Storage, VMware leverages vSphere Storage APIs Array Integration (VAAI), benefiting from features such as accelerated disk initialization, efficient data copying, space reclamation, and hardware-assisted locking for scalability.

4. What are the reasons to choose container storage or a virtual machine(VM)/virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workspace?

Both containers and VMs/VDIs are virtualization technologies. The difference between them is how they create isolated environments for running applications.

Containers are standardized units of software that package all the necessary dependencies to run an app. They virtualize at the software level, allowing multiple containers to run on a single host machine. Containers are lightweight and offer efficient resource utilization. They are ideal for maximizing app density and enabling fast application deployment.

VDIs virtualize the entire machine, including the OS. Tools like VMware make it easy to switch between VMs running different operating systems for testing. VMs are suitable for running apps with different OS dependencies, offering flexibility and complete OS functionality.

The choice between containers and VMs depends on specific use cases. Containers excel in maximizing resource utilization and deploying multiple instances of a single app. VMs are better suited for running apps with diverse OS requirements and prioritizing isolation and security.

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