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Transform how your industry consumes and interacts with data.

Industry Solutions for
Modern Automakers Run Faster on Modern Data Storage
Deliver Smarter, Safer Education and Innovative Research Outcomes
Electronic Design Automation
Job Run Times That Leap Ahead of Your Competitors
Financial Services
Enable Data-driven Outcomes at the Speed of Business
There’s a New Storage Boss in Town for Game Developers
Government: Federal
Transform Agency Data into Powerful Mission Outcomes
Government: State and Local
Unleash the Potential of Agency Data
No More “Click-and-Wait” for Clinical Insights
Life Sciences
Speed Is Built into the DNA of Pure Solutions
Managed Service Providers
Upgrade Your Offering with Reduced Complexity and Lower TCO
Never Say No to a Sale: Remarkably Reliable Data Storage
Pure Storage Makes Your Network Modern from Edge to Core to Cloud

Don’t Let Outdated IT Slow You Down

Automakers need to move beyond outdated IT models. Pure Storage enables automakers to drive transformational change across manufacturing, software development, and AI while lowering costs and environmental impacts.


Advance Academic and Institution Success

Students expect uninterrupted, fast connectivity wherever they’re learning. Modern research programs require robust, scalable infrastructure. Pure Storage delivers these outcomes with an industry first—all-flash solutions for every storage need.

Electronic Design Automation

When Speed Equals Success, Trust in Pure Storage

Pure Storage has everything you need to get to tape-out faster than you thought possible. With high-speed block, file, and object storage, you’ll accelerate EDA pipelines and lower TCO for the entire chip design lifecycle.

Financial Services

Unlock the Value of Data in Real Time

Nine of the top 10 global investment banks rely on Pure Storage proven technology. The solutions financial firms rely on to protect customer data can also provide powerful insights to manage risk, generate revenue, reduce TCO, and enhance customer experience.


Don’t Get Rekt By Outdated Storage

Players are demanding resource-heavy features, but they have no tolerance for speed or reliability issues. Trends change quickly, and your ability to scale storage to match can be the difference between an epic win and game over.

Government: Federal

More than 213 Federal Agencies Rely on Pure Storage

Data is at the heart of agency missions, from executing programs to providing services and ensuring national security. Harness the power of data with high-performing, efficient, simple solutions to maximize the value of data and advance the mission.

Government: State and Local

Trusted by 49 States and Over 600 Local Governments

Pure delivers fast, secure, energy-efficient storage. Unlock rapid insights to enable informed, timely decisions for improved citizen service and public safety outcomes.


Faster Apps. Better Outcomes

Pure Storage powers EHRs, enterprise imaging, back-office systems, and more with storage that transforms data into value. No more disruptive data storage upgrades—just quicker insights for better patient care.

Life Sciences

Faster Time to Science

Pure Storage solutions are the backbone of life sciences innovations—from research and development to commercialization and patient engagement.

Managed Service Providers

Align Storage Costs with Revenue

You can become more competitive on cost while providing better security, easier recovery, and a wider range of services to your customers. Simple and scalable. Our MSP partners are leaders in their markets.


Storage So Simple You Won’t Believe It

Retailers ask a lot of their data storage: Performance, scale, reliability, and mostly hands off. Only Pure Storage delivers on all the things that matter to make sure you never miss a click.


Eleven of the 15 Largest Telcos Use Pure Storage

Pure Storage solutions span the telecom architecture, enabling you to extract maximum value with minimum complexity and cost. Pure Storage is ideal for 5G, VNF, CNF, and API-driven network automation.

Performance, Budget, and User-friendly Storage

Pure Storage offers uncomplicated solutions for the demands of your industry.

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“Our investment in Pure has more than proven its short-term worth, but we’re in it for the long-term value it provides to our citizens.”

Kimberly Lagrue
CIO, City of New Orleans
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“The threat of ransomware in healthcare is not just costly and inconvenient, it’s potentially life threatening. Pure Storage has the right technology to take us into the future and helps mitigate risk to our organization.”

Jesse Fasolo
Director, Technology, Infrastructure & Cyber Security, Information Security Officer, St. Joseph’s Health

What role does storage play in AI and machine learning (ML)?

Storage is critical in AI and machine learning as these applications require high-speed access to massive amounts of data. Storage solutions made for AI/ML ensure data can be processed quickly and efficiently, enabling real-time insights. Having sufficient capacity to eliminate data silos allows machine learning models to reference entire volumes of collected data more efficiently. Scalability is also essential as data volumes often grow rapidly in AI and machine learning projects.

People also ask:

1. Why is disaster recovery important in addition to data protection?

Data protection and disaster recovery play distinct roles in safeguarding business data. Both are vital components of a comprehensive business continuity strategy.

Data protection attempts to stop data loss, corruption, and security breaches using tools like encryption, access control, and regular backups.

Disaster recovery is the plan for resuming operations after a catastrophic event such as a natural disaster, power outage, or cyber attack. The goal is to maintain or resume critical functions as quickly as possible to minimize loss of revenue and damage to your reputation.

Explore the array of data protection and recovery solutions offered to fit the needs of any business.

2. Why is scalable storage better than purchasing sufficient storage?

Having easily scalable storage capacity gives your business the flexibility to grow and adapt as your data needs evolve. The ability to efficiently manage increasing data volumes ensures consistent performance even as demand increases.

Scalability supports business growth as storage can easily be expanded to support new initiatives and handle increased user demands.

It also helps drive down the operational costs of storage. By paying only for the storage you actually use, you can free up capital for other needs.

Pure Storage offers scalable onsite and scalable subscription models.

3. How does AI or ML benefit business operations?

AI/ML can significantly impact business operations through increased efficiency, improved decision making, and a better customer experience.

ML algorithms can analyze large data sets to uncover patterns or insights, using those findings to make predictions and facilitate data driven decisions.

By automating routine tasks, AI/ML can give employees more time for strategic work or customer facing roles. Customer relations can also benefit as AI/ML can analyze behavior allowing you tailor your offering to individual preferences. This increases customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

4. What impact does data storage have on my company’s sustainability goals?

Modern storage solutions like all-flash arrays consume less power and have a smaller footprint compared to traditional hard-disk drives, leading to lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Scalable storage systems allow you to optimize capacity usage, reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency. Providers that adopt an Evergreen model further enhance sustainability, as they allow for non-disruptive upgrades, reducing e-waste associated with hardware replacements.

This Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) video explores how FlashStack® helps meet environmental goals.

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