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Pure Storage Solutions Have
Your Cloud Covered

Delivering enterprise class storage for hybrid, multi, private, and public clouds.

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Pure Cloud Solutions for
Private Cloud
Achieve an On-premises Cloud Operating Model
Hybrid Cloud
Bridge the Cloud Divide with True Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Public Cloud
Achieve High Availability with Efficient, Reliable Replication between Public Clouds
Azure VMware Solution
Minimize Your Azure VMware Solution TCO
Private Cloud

Accelerate Your Cloud Goals

Rethink private cloud and bring cloud-like agility on premises with consistent automation for VM or container-based workloads and unified as-a-service consumption.

Hybrid Cloud

Simplify Hybrid Cloud Mobility

Set yourself free from private and public cloud data silos. Accelerate innovation for your cloud-native and virtualized applications with a modern data platform that unifies hybrid and multicloud ecosystems.

Public Cloud

Increase Cloud Resilience

Provide the resilience and availability your data deserves all while reducing your cloud storage spend.

Azure VMware Solution

Unlock Savings and Unblock Database Workloads for AVS

Achieve up to 10 times the cost savings and unblock your database workloads with the only external block storage available for VMware Cloud with Pure Cloud Block Store™.

Azure VMware Solution

Remove the Headaches of Data Mobility

Moving data between hybrid, multi, private, and public clouds is a challenge. Pure Storage solutions make it simple.

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“Pure Storage gives us the luxury to offer faster, more robust storage than the competition. We have the peace of mind that Pure will not let us down in critical moments—peace of mind that we pass on to our customers.”

Victor Caballero
Vice President, Cloud Magna
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“With billions of dollars at stake and their reputations on the line if systems go down, our clients need reliable, secure data services. That’s exactly what Pure Storage enables us to deliver, positioning us to build strong client relationships for the long term.”

Jesse Bonserio
Senior Director of Engineering, Abacus Group

What is the difference between private and public cloud?

Both private and public clouds offer improved agility, scalability, and efficiency. Both can use virtualization on-premises and remotely. The only difference is whether the resources are dedicated to one organization or shared with other customers. In other words, the private/public cloud divide is defined by privacy.

People also ask:

1. What are the benefits of private clouds?

A private cloud offers:

  • The flexibility, scalability, and efficiency benefits of cloud computing
  • Higher availability and reliability of dedicated resources
  • Improved security and regulatory compliance
  • Greater control over your data resources and how you use it

You can integrate all these benefits of a private cloud into your larger multicloud strategy.


2. What is a hybrid cloud?

In terms of business applications, organizations are moving rapidly to a hybrid cloud model in which enterprises and cloud-native companies alike can capitalize on hybrid applications that take advantage of innovation across linked on premises and public clouds.

3. What is the difference between hybrid cloud and multicloud?

Although it may be tempting to use the two terms interchangeably, they’re not the same thing. A multicloud architecture could involve the unification of two private clouds or two public clouds, but the moment you unify public and private cloud environment you have a hybrid cloud environment.

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