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Analytics and AI

Drive Competitive Advantage with Modern Analytics and AI

Speed Time to Business Insights

Enterprise AI at Any Scale

Analytics and AI for
Artificial Intelligence
Smart Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence
Security Ops Analytics
Detect Security Threats and Dive into Root Causes Quickly
Log Analytics
Enhance Analytics for IT and Security Operations
Hybrid Cloud Analytics
Expand Data Accessibility with Snowflake on Pure Storage
Modern Warehouses
Power High-speed Insights with a New Approach
AI-ready Infrastructure
High Performance Computing
Accelerate and Scale High Performance Computing
Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate Time to Solution, Seamlessly

Pure Storage accelerates modern analytics and AI workloads, delivering a single, scale-out storage platform that drives time to insight and action for data-driven businesses.

Security Ops Analytics

Power Security Analytics

Security analytics are essential to risk management. Enhance your SIEM applications with a scalable and simple data storage foundation to protect your critical digital assets.

Pure Storage Responsive Security Analytics Start with Performant, Scalable, and Simple Data Storage
Log Analytics

Speed Data Insights at Any Scale

Deliver optimal performance with a modern approach to data storage for analytics. Drive new levels of efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction with digital experiences.


Pure Storage Enhances Analytics for IT Operations
Hybrid Cloud Analytics

Eliminate Silos Across Hybrid Environments

The new Snowflake Data Cloud Solution on Pure Storage FlashBlade® meets you wherever you are in your analytics journey—with a cutting-edge, hybrid cloud solution.


Snowflake Data Cloud on Pure Storage FlashBlade
Modern Warehouses

Transition Your Data Warehouse Solutions

The stakes for modern businesses are high. It’s time to move beyond traditional data warehouse solutions. Get massive data capacity, unmatched performance, and operational ease-of-use.


A New Approach to Data Warehousing

Simplify AI Outcomes with AIRI

AIRI simplifies AI deployment, scaling quickly and easily to keep your data teams focused on delivering valuable insights, instead of managing IT.

Pure Storage AI-ready Infrastructure
High Performance Computing

Master Demanding HPC Workloads

Address all of your high performance computing applications with speed, scalability and simplicity.

Accelerate and Scale High Performance Computing

Power Competitive Advantage with Modern Analytics and AI Solutions from Pure Storage

Pick the right foundation for strategic workloads that drive your business.

Analytics and AI Resources and Insights

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“Pure Storage and AIRI prepare a platform for innovation to make advancements in AI development.”


Shuta Yanagita
Software Strategy Manager, Software Strategy, Olympus
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“With better search performance, our teams feel more confident using Splunk. Splunk on Pure helped us stay productive during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Neha Mehra
Sr. IT Applications Specialist, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Veritas

Why are analytics and AI important?

Studies have found that companies with more mature use of analytics and AI have greater competitive advantage in their respective markets.

People also ask:

1. What’s the benefit of consolidating data for analytics and AI?

Consolidating unstructured data into a modern, unified storage platform breaks down data silos, simplifies data access, and provides for an efficient data platform to maximize data value for analytics and AI.

2. How is data analytics used in security?

Detecting and thwarting threats before they occur is where big data analytics can play a huge role. Organizations can collect data from every part of their connected infrastructure and then run analyses to determine when anomalous behavior occurs and what type of behavior it is. ​​Data analytics is especially key because security data is growing by 30% to 40% per year over at least the next five to six years.

3. Why should analytics and AI developers care about storage?

An effective analytics and AI process simplifies the work of analysts, developers and data scientists and minimizes all bottlenecks within the flow of data from sources to accurate outcomes. Experienced data scientists have come to appreciate that a storage platform optimized for AI turbo-charges their productivity.

4. What considerations are there for AI at scale?

Cloud or legacy infrastructure is often used for early AI development or proof of concept, but when AI is used at production scale, data scientists need to consider infrastructure that is optimized for AI. 

Considerations should include:

  • Data set size and growth
  • Cost and availability of high performance GPUs, storage, and networking
  • Security, control, governance, and data ownership requirements.

Often, a hybrid or on-prem solution will offer better and faster results  with lower total cost of ownership.

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